Organization Types

Organization Types are classifications that you may assign to an Organization. Organization Types also have their own (optional) field layout that can be configured.

An Organization can be assigned to none, one or many Organization Types. In addition, the associated Organization Types can be sorted to establish priority.

Common examples of Organization Types are:

  • Industries: Agriculture, Education, Food, Manufacturing, Real Estate
  • Association Tiers: Basic, Standard, Advanced, Lifetime
  • Membership Tiers: Company revenue, Employee count, etc.

# Examples

Spark Technologies is a Fortune 500 company. They sponsor (an Organization Type) an annual conference in exchange for advertising placement and their logo featured on various pages throughout the site. Since this sponsorship requires a company logo, a special field layout is created to reflect the requirements. Managing the Organization is intuitive because only the applicable fields are available for content publishing.


You may opt to classify Organizations using a Category (opens new window) or other relation which is acceptable. The suggested use of Organization Types occurs when tailored fields or sortable classifications are needed.