User Query


We have attached an extra organization filter criteria to the native User Query (opens new window). You can utilize this param on any User Query (opens new window)

# Params

All of the standard User Query (opens new window) params are available plus the following:

Property Type Description
organization string (opens new window), string[] (opens new window), integer (opens new window), integer[] (opens new window), Organization, Organization[], null (opens new window) The organization criteria that the resulting users must have


The organization criteria (above) can optionally accept three individual criteria:

    id: 1, // The organization identifier(s)
    organizationType: [1,2], // The organization type identifier(s)
    userType: [1,2] // The user type identifier(s)

# Chain Setting

All of the params above can be accessed and chained together. The methods are named the same as the property.

Here is an example:

::: code

{% set query = craft.organizations.users.getQuery() %}
{% do query.organization(1).firstName('Foo') %}
use flipbox\organizations\Organizations;

$query = Organizations::getInstance()->getUsers()->getQuery()