Organization Query

The Organization Query supports all Element Query operations plus the following:


statestring, string[], nullThe organization's state (custom defined)
userstring, string[], integer, integer[], User, User[], nullThe user(s) that result' users must be associated to
userGroupstring, string[], integer, integer[], User Group, User Group[], nullThe user group(s) that the result's users must be assigned to
userTypestring, string[], integer, integer[], User Type, User Type[], nullThe user type(s) that the result's users must be associated with
organizationTypestring, string[], integer, integer[], Organization Type, Organization Type[], nullThe the organization type(s) that the result's must be associated to
dateJoinedstring, DateTime, nullThe date the organization joined

Chain Setting

All of the params above can be accessed and chained together. The methods are named the same as the property.

Here is an example:

{% set query = craft.organizations.elements.getQuery() %}
{% do query.state('foo').user(currentUser) %}