Organization Type

You may access the following public properties and methods on an Organization Type.

Public Properties

The following properties are available:

idintegerThe organization type's Id
handlestringThe organization type's reference name
namestringThe organization type's human readable name
fieldLayoutIdinteger, nullThe organization type's layout Id
uidstring, nullThe universally unique identifier
dateCreatedDateTime, nullThe date the organization type was created
dateUpdatedDateTime, nullThe date the organization type was last updated

Public Methods

The following methods are available:


Returns: Field Layout

{# Get an Organization Type #}
{% set object = craft.organizations.organizationTypes.get('technology') %}
{% set fieldLayout = object.getFieldLayout() %}
<p>{{ }}</p>


Returns: an array of Organization Type Site Settings

{# Get an Organization Type #}
{% set object = craft.organizations.organizationTypes.find('technology') %}
{% set siteSettings = object.getSiteSettings() %}
{% for site in siteSettings %} 
    <li>{{ site.hasUrls }} - {{ site.getUriFormat() }} - {{ site.getTemplate() }}</li>
{% endfor %}