User Types

User Types are classifications that you may assign to a user at an Organization. This means, if a user is associated to more than one Organization, they can be assigned a different user type depending on the Organization.

A user can be assigned to none, one or many User Types. In addition, the associated User Types can be sorted to establish priority.

Common examples of User Types are:

  • Departments: Marketing, Sales, Engineering, Management
  • Responsibilities: Writer, Volunteer, Group Lead
  • Roles: Main Contact, Accounting, Champion

# Examples

Rudy Fruity is the CEO (a User Type) of Flipbox Enterprises. Rudy is also a consultant (a User Type) and on the board (a User Type) of Spark Technologies. This is what Rudy's User Type User Type associations would look like for each company:

CEO Consultant Board
Flipbox Enterprises X
Spark Technologies X X